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Occupational Health Software

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Intuitive, Proactive and Secure

The Pinga occupational health software has been built to take advantage  of all the latest cloud based technology which exceeds current industry security standards.  Run your occupational health services in a streamlined manner for better performance and real time insight on all your data.  Pinga has a multitude of features including streamlined management referrals, clinical bookings and management, online medical forms, letters and notes, postcode lookup, real-time reporting, vaccinations and complete auditing.  Transform insight into action with Pinga occupational health software.

Save Time with Pinga

Pinga comes installed with intelligent workflow’s and features that make the end users life easy.  Clients can easily find a referral from it’s unique ID, generate letters from pre-defined templates and update replies swiftly.  Pinga gives you time back to focus on your key tasks and to what matters most – employee’s health.


Improving Pinga all the Time

Once Pinga is launched on a client site the work doesn’t stop there we are constantly working to ehance the software and the user experience so you receive a world-class service.

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