Data capture is vital to making important medical decisions.  However, data capture is also time consuming, especially if completed manually.  With Pinga, the medical forms manager takes complete control of this important function and enables organisations to easily create medical forms from the drag and drop interface and link forms to client accounts.  This means that each client can have their own unique set of forms and templates to enable them to tailor their medical services.  Each form submission is given a unique ID and is allocated to a patient which means you can generate reports with per patient or client data and compare the data on easily readable graphical reports.

Building forms in Pinga is easy.  The drag and drop feature means you add a Form TItle and simply drag the features of the form you require into place.  Once the form is created you can preview it and then allocate the form to a client who can access the unique url from the client area and email it out to patients for completion.

Another feature of the forms module is the ability to process pre-employment forms and distribute fit to work certificates and leaving admins only to focus on deferred patients.  This saves an enourmous amount of time and resources and keeps medical organisations in control no matter how large the volume of forms that need to be completed and captured is.

With Pinga, medical forms no longer need to be a chore.