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Developed by OJE and built from the cloud up, Pinga has been developed using the latest in cloud technologies.  The software utilises state-of-the-art security and technology and has been developed in consultation with medical professionals.  One of our key goals was to deliver the best user experience.

Pinga is an integrated medical information system which manages patient medical records, appointments and clinics, clinician availability, custom medical forms with postcode look-up, live reporting, vaccinations and medical certificate management (see features).  The secure system can be accessed from multiple locations with ease via the cloud.  The platform has been proven to enhance operating processes, procedures and decision making.  Our system’s strength is seen in it’s ease of use, functionality and the ability to be tailored to the specific needs of each organisation.

Initially launched in 2013, Pinga has supported a number of clients serving 8 FTSE companies and 3 small medical practices.  Pinga’s ability to handle large amounts of referrals and process thousands of medical forms makes Pinga a powerful SaaS solution.

in 2016 the software was fully upgraded with a brand new booking facility and drag and drop forms builder.  This makes the platform even easier to use and even more flexible than it was before.

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