Features of Pinga Medical

Transform your Occupational Health Experience

Save Time

Pinga comes installed with intelligent workflow’s and features that make the end users life easy. Clients can easily find a referral, generate letters from predefined templates and update replies swiftly. Pinga gives you time back to focus on your key tasks and to what matters most – employee’s health.



Real Time Reports

At a click of a button clients can have access to detailed information about employees, their appointments, case types and more! Client’s can even export the reports to CSV or PDF. All this helps improve decision making especially when reports can be tailored to you.


Singular Data Entry

Pinga has features that capture information from not only referral forms but any other form created by the system. Data only needs to be entered once. Postcode look-up is included so that when an employee address changes clients can just type in the new postcode and select the appropriate address.

Complete Case Management

Quickly and easily find any referral by it’s unique ID and instantly load patient medical history, medical notes and appointment details.  Patients get updated by e-mail or text to any updates made on their referrals and everything is securely tracked from start to finish via colour coded status updates.

Appointments and Calendar

Take online bookings for general appointments and clinics and selectively view staff availability and workload.  In our easy to use calendar you can view live schedules and plan ahead for staff holidays as well as accommodate travel time between appointment locations.

Clinics Management

Create and manage clinics at your organisation. Check staff availability and create time slots for patients to book themselves onto and you can also check clinic attendance too. Streamline the way you manage your day with our intelligent mapping system built-in.

Online Medical Forms

Use our forms app to create any medical form you need, be it for pre-placement, healthcase questionnaires, workplace assessments, registrations – anything. Simply use our drag-and-drop forms builder and you’re away! You can even issue certificates based on the data provided from your patients.

Patient Letters

Quickly and easily create medical letters to send out by post or e-mail with Pinga. You can pre-load patient information and write a letter either from scratch or from pre-defined templates to speed up the process. Once created you can see a full audit of letters sent.

Postcode Lookup

When using any form in our software you can perform a postcode look-up to find an address. This makes entering patient data a much easier task and a lot more accurate. Simply enter the patient postcode, select their address from the list and you’re done. If they don’t appear in the look-up you can easily perform a manual override.

Clinician Notes

Track, manage and secure any clinician notes in the system to ensure everything is captured. These notes remain private to clinicians and admins handling the medical referrals and assist in enhancing the quality of healthcare provided to the patient.

Real Time Reporting

Gain access to real-time reports both in the admin area and client area. These reports generate live as events happen and cover important KPI. You can also export the data and compare client/patient trends on the fly. If you require bespoke reports, we can also code those for you.

Medical Auditing

Built in throughout the software is an on-going auditing provision to capture who responded to which referrals and when. It also logs the dates and time and locations of activity from admin staff and produces logs which can qiuckly be reviewed to help protect medical organisations, increase security and protect SLA delivery.

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