A key feature of Pinga is it’s ability to turn an occupational health provider into a paperless operation. Here’s 10 ways in which going paperless will benefit your occupational health services:

Access Anything from the Cloud

Pinga operates best from desktop and tablet devices.  This means that you can access your operations from anywhere on a wifi/3G/4G network.  Everything is at your fingertips.

Tighter Security with No Lost Papers

You no longer have to look for that piece of paper for that clincian’s note or referral detail.  Simply search for an employee/patient, doctor, referral ID from the intelligent search feature and you’re off!  It’s a matter of seconds.

Streamlined Workflows

Pinga works hard behind the scenes to ensure you have an automated process and streamlined workflows.  You no longer have to email or pass on information to colleagues, they can see everything on their screen too!  Everything is dsigned do you also don’t need to keep clicking around, you stay put whilst Pinga hunts down your required information.

Singular Data Entry

You only have to enter data once in Pinga.  All details are stored in a relational database meaning anything you update get’s updated through the system.

Real Insight from Detailed Reports

You no longer need to manually create reports – this is done automatically for you.  We can also develop you custom reports if you require to drill down to the finite detail.

Fast Information Retrieval

Thanks to the single point of data entry, you can add and track referrals in the system really fast.  There’s no need to put the phone down and make a note, it’s all there for you in one place.

Remote Working

Left an important file at the office?  Can’t find that vital bit of information?  It doesn’t matter, because with Pinga you can work remotely from the office.  It also enables you to seamlessly expand your services without increase infrastructure costs.  Your clients can also work conveniently where they want to as well meaning you provide a seamless service which integrates with them without disruption.

Improved Service

Once you’ve handled one referral you can move right onto the next.  It saves so much time and your services will benefit as a result.

Increased Process Controls

Pinga allows for Access Controls (ACL).  This means that you can enable staff to perform their jobs smarter by allowing them access to only the information and capability they to.  This helps prevent data loss and information overload as well as security.

Increased Security

Anyone can pickup a paper document and read sensitive information.  With Pinga you need to know where and how to login.  It secures your vital information.