Pinga makes managing referrals a breeze.  Referrals can be opened in the admin area, or within the client area. The client completes the referral form selecting all the relevant employee information and watches as the fields are auto-filled with previously stored data.  This enables patient information to be updated on the fly and new patient data to be added with ease.  With the built-in post-code lookup feature, all addresses can be selected easily leaving the user to focus on selecting and entering the right information.

Once the referral has been created a unique ID is allocated to the medical case file.  This ID tracks the referral from beginning to end and is used to qiuckly access information.  Automatic notifications keep clients and patients informed of appointment dates and times, cancellations, re-bookings, referral updates and more.  With pre-coded access control rights and roles, medical information can only be accessed or altered with the autorised access right meaning you can operate in the safe knowledge that data doesn’t go missing.

All the referral information is seamlessly generated into real-time reports.  These reports can be accessed and assembled quickly and enables better decisions to be made and makes information accessible when and where you need it.