A New Approach to How We Deliver Occupational Health Software via the Cloud

Appointments & Calendar

With our appointments and calender module you can manage all your general appointments and clinics in one place with an easy to use modern design.  Features of this module include:

  • An ability to pick the appointment location
  • Review clinician’s availability
  • Compare clinician schedules
  • Prevent double bookings
  • Cancel and re-schedule appointments
  • Ensure clinicians have time to travel between appointments

Medical Forms

Our medical forms module allows you to create any medical form you require via drag-and-drop.  The data is captured and linked to the patient account for easy access.  Features of this module include:

  • Easy to use drag and drop interface
  • Multiple field options
  • Postcode lookup built-in
  • Create unique forms for each client
  • Advanced capabilities including matrix tables
  • Deferred form capability for advanced processing


With this module you can track and audit the administration of vaccinations to patients:

  • Select the vaccination for the patient
  • Keep track of stock
  • Maintain your database of vaccinations in one place
  • Maintain a vaccination audit

Medical Certificates

With our medical certificates module you can:

  • Issue certificates based on pre-defined outcomes
  • Process large volumes of healthcare questoinnaires
  • Customise the content of the certificate
  • Streamline your medical data capture

Bespoke Modules Development

If you require a specific process or module  to be biult or an existing module to be modified to suit your needs, we can develop these for you and integrate them into the core software platform.  We can also build bespoke reports and link data together so you can work smarter not harder.  Pinga is a flexible SaaS to meet your requirements and ensures you become more efficient.

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