SaaS which stands for ‘Software as a Service’ describes any cloud based software service where consumers can access software applications over the Internet.  All capabilities are hosted in the cloud and accessed without the need for third party software.  By logging into the software via an Internet browser, all applications paid for become available for use.

Unlike traditional software models where you would buy the software up front and then use it until a new release becomes available SaaS and buy the next one, SaaS release updates on the fly and meets the changing demands of the consumer.

There are a number of reasons why SaaS is more beneficial to organisations and individuals:

  • No upfront and additional hardware costs – all processing power is handled in the cloud via the cloud server
  • Pay for what you want – users can pick the services they require and for how long they need them for – this means clients get software they actually require not bloatware
  • Scalable usage – clients can scale up or scale down their services based on what they require offering greater flexibility to their operations
  • Automated update releases – updates are often release free of charge and become available to use immediately following the release. There is no need for the user to install patches and they instantly see the improvements.
  • Cross device compatibility – SaaS can be used across multiple devices and is accessible from multiple locations, it is not limited to one desk computer which means clients can work with greater freedom and incorporate security at the same time.
  • Accessible from any location; SaaS enables users to login from multiple locations, be it multiple offices or countries and work as normal.
  • Applications can be customised and white labelled; software can be white labelled to take into account client branding and improve their capabilities.

Pinga utilises the latest in cloud technologies and is flexible to meet client requirements to ensure they get the maximum benefit available to them.  This makes Pinga unique and enables organisations to deliver superior medical services.