So why do we think you should choose Pinga as your occupational health software?  Pinga provides the best user experience on the market and turn your data into real-time insight so you can take action immediately. But that’s not the only reason you should use Pinga…

Save Time

Pinga comes installed with intelligent workflow’s and features that make the end users life easy.  Clients can easily find a referral from it’s unique ID, generate letters from pre-defined templates and update replies swiftly.  Pinga gives you time back to focus on your key tasks and to what matters most – employee’s health.

Real-Time Reports

Pinga comes installed with a multitude of reports but OJE  can customise reports to a clients needs so that they don’t have to create anything manually.  This means that at a click of a button clients can have access to detailed information about employees, their appointments, case types and more!  Client’s can even export the reports to CSV or PDF.  All this helps improve decision making especially when reports can be tailored to you.

Go Paperless

Pinga enables you to handle everything electronically right down to admin notes.  You can generate letters from templates (and then update the template to personalise responses), access key referral information and clinician notes, send out automated reminders and more!  Everything is accessed via the cloud which means depending on the security settings and controls you request, you can literally operate from anywhere.

Streamlined Data Entry and Capture

Pinga has features that capture information from not only referral forms but any other form created by the system.  Data only needs to be entered once.  Postcode look-up is included so that when an employee address changes clients can just type in the new postcode and select the appropriate address.  Everything is setup to support real-time reports meaning; clients get a personalised experience.  It all starts from detailed data capture.

Medical Auditing

Pinga comes installed with an auditing feature enabling clients to track all information relative to any referral.  This gives clients proof of compliance and a recorded history of everything appertaining to a particular individual.

Informed Alerts

Pinga has been built with convenience in mind.  Clients can setup a number of alerts that let them know they need to take action when relevant.  Alerts can also be tailored to your needs to include group messages to support organisational initiatives beyond just managing the medical records and appointments.  Pinga is built to support you.

Ability to Expand Services

If clients are looking to expand their Occupational Health services then Pinga is the perfect partner.  There are a number of ways in which Pinga can be configured so that you can expand  your services to generate further income.  All expansions would use the same cloud architecture which means there is no disruption to existing services as you expand.

Capture Data Your Way

Our online forms application makes it easy for clients to create forms and capture the data they need.  Any forms created can be easily updated.  We have made it easy to send information to the employees and where appropriate forms which they need to complete and return via the system.  Pinga enables administrators to work with confidence.

On-Going Updates

Thanks to Pinga’s cloud architecture we are able to provide updates in a seamless manner via our Cloud Refresh programme which reduces downtime and increases efficiency of service.  The system you use will continue to improve and as a result, so will the occupational health services you provide.